7 non-food ways to reward yourself

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Staying motivated to workout and eat right is always encouraged by rewards for small milestones. When I did a strict 6-week eating challenge this past year I decided to reward myself at the end of everyreward week if I had not had any cheats. BUT I did not want to use food as the reward since, the foods I’d choose -re: ICE CREAM!-would be a cheat. So I developed a list of things that weren’t too expensive, were not food, and would feel like a treat. Use my list to get you started then add on. Maybe for having a week of boot camp with 100% attendance? No food cheats? Getting in all your H20 every day for a week? OR getting to bed at 9 PM every night?

JoJo’s non-food treats:¬†an itunes download (Taylor Swift’s new album anyone?), or a new ringtone (I suggest THIS), flowers (trader joe’s sunflowers are $3.99), for bigger wins a new workout outfit you can go high end or grab a deal at Target or Marshall’s (here’s some of my favorite things), a manicure (and if you’re not into polish get them buffed), a pedicure, a foot massage (these places are all over ATL and you can get an hour long foot and shoulder massage for $30).

What do you do for a non-food reward?

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