All We Want for Chirstmas

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Wondering what to get your fitness savvy friends this Holiday Season?  Let our instructors help you out!  Besides an Operation Boot Camp gift card, our instructors have put together what’s on their lists.  Check back for other instructor’s lists this week!  Here’s instructor Jan’s list:

My wish list is all about quality fitness-enhancing items this year.
Oh, and jewelry.

For this forum, I'll share a few items from the fitness-enhancing items
side of the list:

1.  Foundation garments from Lululemon:

To me, the most important feature in a good sports bra is a tie between no chafing seams and wicking material.
Obviously you want support, which is the entire purpose of the garment.
But on top of that I need smoothness and no (or as little as possible) moisture next to the skin.

I have had some sports bras that I liked in all areas but the seams chafed or the elastic band around the chest
left marks on my skin. After that experience I now insist on flat stitched seams and no-chafe elastic.

In addition, nothing will make you cold faster than a soggy garment, hence the need for wicking technical material.
This is very important as the weather turns colder and we're still outside working hard running, doing obstacle
courses and boot camping.

2.  New pair of green superfeet inserts:

I get mine from Fleet Feet Decatur.

They are around $25 and make a huge difference in how my feet, hip and knees feel when I'm running.
Of course you want to ensure your running shoes fit properly and are in good condition.
These inserts serve as an added shock absorption and foot positioning measure you can take.
I know that barefoot or near-barefoot running has become popular and I have not yet explored that.
Until such a day as I become a convert to minimal running, these inserts work for me.
In fact, they work as well for me as the ones I paid the podiatrist $250.

3:  The Stick:

My last item I actually already have and love. I have been known to bring out this item for dinner party
guests to enjoy after the meal - that's how awesome it is.
I recommend this as a gift to anyone who gets stiff or sore from time to time from running, walking,
cycling, weight training or any type of workout.
It's basically the equivalent of a flexible plastic rolling pin. You can roll it on your legs/butt yourself
or have someone else do it. I like to stand and turn slowly as if on a vertical rotisserie and have my
husband work up and down on my legs/butt.  It's the same principle as massage, and you can control
 how much pressure you apply - gentle or deep.  It relaxes the tight muscles and encourages blood flow.
It feels really good and I especially like that it can reach that hard-to-stretch IT band that runs along the
side of the leg from knee to hip.

I hope these ideas are helpful and that you find the perfect gifts to give this year.
Here's to a fun and fit 2012!
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Wondering what to get your fitness savvy friends this Holiday Season?  Let our instructors help you out!  Besides an Operation...