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Bathing Suit Pep Talk!

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Fit Bottomed Girls

Can you believe it? The super smart and healthy ladies of Fit Bottomed Girls (uh, is there a better name out there? love it) were kind enough to give yours truly a little bloggin’ space to share my thoughts about Perceived Levels of Exertion.  Check out the article  HERE. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. This only encourages my ridiculous sense of humor and booty references.

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35lbs down!

Long time camper, and new instructor Ari Sarmento was recently featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution for his 35lb weight loss.  Congratulations Ari! Ari Sarmento, 46, of Atlanta, lost 35 pounds By Michelle C. Brooks For the AJC SUCCESS STORY / Ari Sarmento, 46: From 215 pounds to 180 pounds Former weight: 215 pounds Current weight: 180 pounds Pounds lost: 35 pounds Height: 5 feet 11 inches Age: 46 years How long he’s kept it off: He started eight months ago and reached his current weight in the last month. Personal life: “I am a career airline pilot,” says Sarmento. “I currently serve as the chief pilot for a private airline based in the Atlanta area,” he says. “I [was] asked to be a boot camp instructor.” […]

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The Booty Don’t Stop, or why I love squats.

Air squats are my go to exercise. I love them.  Now, I don’t always love doing them but I love the results.  If you know me you may just write it off as something to do with my love affair with my booty (which is still going strong and I say prayers of thanks to JLo on the regs for giving the boo-tay the mainstream acceptance and glorification it deserves). As much as I love how squats shape and sculpt the generous portion of love given to my backside (love=muscle + some fat to make it soft) it’s more than that. Squats make my knees feel better.  WHAT!??! You say?  But JoJo, doing squats are bad for knees.  You are […]

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Look Leaner NAKED!

I read a study a few years ago about how reading different types of magazine effects one’s self esteem.  It got me thinking and brought my attention to what the underlying message was in what I was seeing & reading.  Enjoy your Cosmo, Glamour, Women’s Health but watch this video for a helpful rating system to evaluate articles.  Or you may want to watch just because it will make you chuckle.

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Hold up, wait a minute!

Sometimes I don’t eat for my goals and I need to hit the reset button.  We all have times that we just seem to slip off track and are at the decision making point of whether we slide all the way into the pint of ice cream or we get back on track.  What do I do when I’m faced with such decisions?  Enough self talk to make you think I’m cray. The first thing I gotta do is figure out what’s really going on. Am I actually hungry?  Am I bored?  What do I need to do to fill what I really need?   When it’s food orientated I sometimes talk to the food I want as if it were […]

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what to do when your inner voice is a jerk.

Self talk is important.  I think we all know that.  What we tell ourselves day in and day out determines a lot about how we interact in the world as well as our level of contentment and general happiness.  So, what do you do when your self-talk is less like a cheerleader telling you can do anything and everything and more like an annoying bully saying you can’t do anything, ever? First, try and notice it when you hear that bully come out.  Every time you hear yourself saying anything negative to yourself, acknowledge that you’re doing it. Second, take it to the next level:  when you hear your inner bully, acknowledge the voice as if it were a petulant […]

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