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The hottest knees in Nashville

Recently I was talking to an athlete friend of mine while she was stretching post workout and asked her what some of her current fitness goals are. She responded asking if I knew who Carrie Underwood is. “Uh, yes.” “I want her knees.” This is where I sat down on the floor next to her because I had to talk this one out. The convo went like this: me: so have you ever met Carrie Underwood? I mean, have you seen her in person? her: no me: oh, so you’ve only seen her photoshopped. her: oooohhh, yeah, I guess you’re right. me: and what exactly are we talking about as far as her knees go? her: well I have this […]

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Throw out your goals & get on board with the 1%

Ok, not really just kind of and not that 1%. What I’d like to suggest is instead of putting all your emphasis on your BIG HUGE GOAL (BHG) focus your daily energy on just improving a little. Over the years (ahem, I’m older then I look) I have had campers who come wanting to achieve some pretty big things-and they do-but sometimes they overlook the all the small wins that get them to the finish line because they’re too focused on that 1 BHG. Or worse they spend energy beating themselves up having not done more each day because their steps to achievement weren’t big enough. Stop.that.noise. BHGs take time to get to. They are almost never achieved in 1 […]

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5 Ways to Check your Inner Perfectionist

I am a type A lady and though I completely acknowledge perfection doesn’t exist -except in the form of my lovely wife (HOLLA! Valentines Day Points!!)-I am regularly surprised at how easy it is for me to slip into the mindset that perfection is real and even more crazy THAT IT MATTERS. I may have blown a few other type A personality’s minds with that one-hold on, more to come. There are benefits to believing in perfection-I mean, of course there have to be because otherwise why would I get in the trap of thinking that way. What I notice is that the benefits are really mostly serving outside sources and the drawbacks affect lil ol’ gold star wanting-A+ having-believinginthepermanentrecord […]

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Fit Bottomed Girls

Can you believe it? The super smart and healthy ladies of Fit Bottomed Girls (uh, is there a better name out there? love it) were kind enough to give yours truly a little bloggin’ space to share my thoughts about Perceived Levels of Exertion.  Check out the article  HERE. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. This only encourages my ridiculous sense of humor and booty references.

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But I don’t wanna.

I’m sure you’ve done it because I have and since we’re besties it’s likely you’re like me.  So in addition to singing ROAR at the top of your lungs-like me-you have probably also committed to do something you know is good for you and you just.aren’ just.don’t.wanna. I’ve been doing some personal growth work with More to Life which puts a large emphasis on the unconscious messages you’re telling yourself-their term is mind talk.  I think of it as even deeper than self talk-it’s trickier.  It’s deeper; self talk is in there and you catch yourself doing it.  Mind talk is what’s under the reason you’re even saying the first thing to yourself.  Too deep for you?  Take a break and […]

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Lazy McBabyson

I have a confession to make.  My mind is a big baby and totally lazy.  And though I’m realizing I’m going to start sounding a little multiple personalityish here, I think there’s a couple of voices in there.  Here’s the scenario:  I’m running by myself and voice one aka Lazy McBabyson says “UGH (pouting stance) I haaaayyyyttteee this.  How much longer do I have to go?!  How long has it been?  Let’s start negotiating the distance/time I said I was going to go.”  Clearly, not the most helpful of people to have in there.  But wait, there’s more.  Numero dos comes in on the party all calm and therapeutic like with a “ok, is it really so bad?  how are […]

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How Your Mind Can Earn a Varsity Letter

What is the athletic mind?  Well, if you’re thinking one that can do sudoku and play chess at the same time go back to nerd camp because I’m talking about something else.  The athletic mind describes how you respond to injury or physical setbacks.  If you work out often you are going to eventually have to deal with some sort of injury.  Strains, minor sprains and pulls are not unusual for active people.  When setbacks do happen do you say “I’m just not meant to work out” or “I’ve never been athletic,  I guess I’m still not” because my friends is bollocks.  The athletic mind says “well, I need to rest and ice and then I’ll be back at it.” […]

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When it goes to hell.

how to reconcile having a positive outlook and being bummed.

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Shut up already

This past week I was able to participate in Decatur High School’s Senior Project event.  As a graduation requirement all Seniors have to do a project then make a presentation to community members (ahem, moi) and make it through a q&a period.  Their nervous, excited and anticipatory energy filled the space as they stammered, shifted their weight or cooly presented.  Naturally, I thought back to myself in high school and I always get the same feeling: I wish I could go back and hug that teenage version of me and say “relax.  no really, relax.”  I was, and still am, type A but then I was worse.  I totally bought into the “permanent record” concept and thought every one of […]

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Perfection isn’t real: 10 steps to realizing it!

Below is an article Jackie Bean wrote that really helped me to start really believing and feeling that perfect is not real.  Being able to recognize that the standards I’d set for myself were unrealistic and hurting me.  I wasn’t enjoying my life because my standards were cray cray.  Working through my perfectionist tendencies really help free up my mind space and allowed me to be far more gentle on myself. I’m still a perfectionist in a lot of places in my life and with certain tasks that can come in handy. However, I feel like I’m able to take a step back and ask what really matters.  Example:  I love to plan parties and spend a lot of time thinking about the “look” of a […]

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