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7 non-food ways to reward yourself

Staying motivated to workout and eat right is always encouraged by rewards for small milestones. When I did a strict 6-week eating challenge this past year I decided to reward myself at the end of every week if I had not had any cheats. BUT I did not want to use food as the reward since, the foods I’d choose -re: ICE CREAM!-would be a cheat. So I developed a list of things that weren’t too expensive, were not food, and would feel like a treat. Use my list to get you started then add on. Maybe for having a week of boot camp with 100% attendance? No food cheats? Getting in all your H20 every day for a week? […]

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Lunch as of late

I ate the same thing for lunch every day of high school: 1 pb & j, 2 Capri Suns, 1 green apple, 1 bag of chips and a single twix bar. Every day and I loved that shit. I am a repeat eater, if it’s good I’ll eat it for every meal and still look forward to it the next day. I would guess if my wife Melissa could change anything about me, this would be it. Melissa relishes a good meal, wants to try everything, and can eat a casserole for maybe 2 meals. So it is breaking news in our house when I’ve switched up my go-to so cue the “we interrupt this program” message because I have […]

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5 Recipes I’ve tried & love

Stuck in a rut? Try one of these JoJo’s taste buds approved items! Click the title for the link! Pulled Pork Sweet Potatoes Grilled Stuffed Bananas Kale & Purple Cabbage Salad Slow Cooker Kalua Pig Paleo Pad Thai

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9 months sugar free.

Well, most sugars. In January 2014 I stopped eating added sugar and the only kind of sugar I eat is from fruit, sometimes some honey. I try and keep down the amount of honey because, though it has other benefits, it’s still sugar. I started my sugar free life with the 6 week nutrition challenge that I did but have kept this part going with the goal of doing it for a year. It wasn’t until I was 5 months in that I didn’t think about candy or soft serve every day. Month 5, people. That my friends is a serious sugar addiction. But what I realized is that I mostly craved/thought about sugar when one of two things were […]

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Pantry Raid Time!

Did you have to do a dbl take on that one? Were you already having Animal House flashbacks? Me too. As promised in last week’s Refrigerator Raider post we take a few steps over to my and MMG’s cabinet to check out what we consider must-have healthy eating set up for success make it easy as possible to make what we eat items.   1. Ah yes, the humble sweet potato. We love you as a side with shaved brussels, sliced as coins with lots of spices, shredded at the bottom of a breakfast casserole and really any other way they come. Also in here, onions (used in almost everything-I like to put a few in the food processor to […]

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Refrigerator Raider

1. Almond butter! I get it fresh ground from the Farmer’s Market. There’s also some sunflower seed butter that I usually use for THIS recipe. They’re also some raw nuts and seeds. I always keep mine refrigerated. 2. Portioned out fruit salad for tomorrow’s lunch! 3. I make 2 casseroles a week that we eat for lunches and sometimes dinners. This week it’s an enchilada casserole with bison the second is one I could eat every day. I mean, it calls for an entire package of bacon, need I say more? 4. Chicken salad. Light on the mayo, salt and pepper, golden raisins and curry. You’re also seeing a little bit of leftover Brussels sprouts. 5. Defrosting salmon. When you […]

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It takes work, but not as much as you think.

If you remember in January I participated in a Bodacious Bod competition at AKCrossFit. It included strict eating guidelines and a minimum of 4 workouts a week for 6 weeks. It’s been over for about a month now and with few exceptions (canola oil when eating out and 2 drinks since it ended) I’ve kept all the guidelines. It’s mostly about prepping and it is work but friends, it’s not as much work as you let yourself believe eating healthy is. And you’re right, I don’t have kids and kids do take up a helluva lot of time (#understatementoftheyear) but I know people who prep like this who do have kids, I know people who do even more by making […]

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Eat this now

Are you running out of ideas of what to make for lunch that is healthy and delicious? Well my friends -as always-you got ya girl, JoJo here to help you out! Here’s that crazy good breakfast casserole recipe. Absolutely everyone who has eaten it has loved it. What about that other casserole I’m eating this week for lunch? Here ya go! Caveman Casserole Want more ideas? Check out our Pinterest page!

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Nom, nom, nom

atlanta workout operation boot camp

When you really think about nutrition and diet it can be very simple.  I mean, if you aren’t an actual human that has a food history that sometimes involves eating for reasons that are not hunger/fuel related (boredom, stress, celebration, depression etc.) it’s simple.  You eat stuff you recognize and comes from the ground and not a lab and you eat when your body tells you you need to and you honor and respect that and never eat any more or less.  Well, in case you and your hunger/eating habits are less black and white than that let me help you with a way to keep yourself in check.  Portions.  If you are able to keep around what you’re supposed […]

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How a Sunday casserole will keep the peace in your home.

Monday and Tuesday nights are a little cray around the Warren Street Lounge aka our house.  They are both my and the Mrs.’s long days where we  get home later and therefore neither of us want to cook, prepare, or do anything.  However, we are also budget conscious and like to use our eat out dollars on places we really want to go-not just lazy pizza orders.  So what did I do to keep the peace and no longer have Mon & Tues nights be Annoyance Fest 2013?  WELL, I stumbled upon something, dear reader, you may have never heard of: preparing a casserole on SUNDAY!  I know, I know I just blew your mind. So, if there’s a day […]

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