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These things will change your life.

Really.  No REALLY I’m going to tell you about some of the most awesome things you’ve ever heard of.  I promise I’m not overselling.  Below are my faves.  These are the things that if we ran into each other at a party or anywhere I would HAVE to tell you about. Dude, figuring out what to eat has gotten so much easier because of…. Emeals.  I love these guys.  You have lots of great diet (paleo, heart healthy, traditional) options for 2 or more. Then weekly they send you a menu plan for a week and include the shopping list. Everything we’ve had has been delicious and the stir-fry sauce is amazeballs.  Oh and cajun tilapia with cilantro butter?  Please […]

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Salad is like plant nachos.

You haven’t gone to the store this week.  You are too tired to stop by on the way home.  You’re trying to eat healthier/save money/practice for your shot at top chef so you’re determined to cook.  What do you do? Relax, Jack and rest your bwain.  Try one of these and don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients just make it work with what you got! Tuna Salad over any greens you have (spinach, arugula, iceberg etc.) or served over tomato slices or avocado.  Mmmmm avocado. Orzo salad with olives, tomato (or sun dried tomatoes) and basil. Thrown Together Cobb Salad– chicken breast chopped, hard boiled egg, bacon, tomatoes, cheese and drizzle with a little olive oil. So […]

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Eating my bodyweight in protein.

I was an ovo-lacto pescatarian for about 7 years.  But let’s not church it up, I ate dairy including eggs and pretty much anything from the sea.  I went through a period that I was just grossed out by the thought of eating meat.  My staying away from meat evolved into my objections about their treatment.  I ate this way pretty happily and also felt and thought I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I attended a Crossfit Coach’s certification and met a former vegetarian who’s doctor, after a significant accident, told her she could either start eating meat again or would need a blood transfusion.  This was a wake up call for what her body needed. […]

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How to make a Monster Salad

I get a lot of nutrition questions.  My easiest advice is to keep it simple (you can read more about that HERE)  But I know what you want:  explicit directions on what to eat!  So here is a video explaining what I puts in my bod on a regular basis:  MONSTER SALAD!!!  nom nom nom  

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Something stinks-time to clean out the fridge

I know you’re busy.  I also know you want to eat healthy but opening your fridge and seeing nothing makes you head straight to the zifty menu online.  Work smarter not harder darlin’ and  keep your fridge stocked with the items below and make your life easier and your bee-hind smaller. Top shelf -Trade out whole milk, sugared juice drinks and soda for low-fat milk, whole fruit and flavored sparkling waters. Next two shelves – Exchange full-fat yogurt for low or nonfat yogurt; regular cottage cheese for fat-free cottage cheese; and sugary snacks for fruit. Add egg substitute, Morning Star Farms sausage patty’s and Thomas Low Fat Whole Grain English muffins … and you’ve got the fixings for a healthy, gourmet […]

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Eat that sh*t!

Nutrition can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  When I first starteed working out and becoming healthier, I concentrated completely on calories and fat.  So, if the calories and fat were less in a Fiber One bar than some fruit and or chicken, I’d eat the bar.  My focus was so narrow, and though well intentioned, completely misguided.  I feel like people are overwhelmed trying to make the right choices and why wouldn’t you be?  There’s so many books, sites, diets, ideas, science and “science” out there claiming they’re the right way to get healthy.  It can be overwhelming.  Well, listen up brothers and sisters because I’m gonna break it down like an 80s […]

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Hold up, wait a minute!

Sometimes I don’t eat for my goals and I need to hit the reset button.  We all have times that we just seem to slip off track and are at the decision making point of whether we slide all the way into the pint of ice cream or we get back on track.  What do I do when I’m faced with such decisions?  Enough self talk to make you think I’m cray. The first thing I gotta do is figure out what’s really going on. Am I actually hungry?  Am I bored?  What do I need to do to fill what I really need?   When it’s food orientated I sometimes talk to the food I want as if it were […]

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Me so hoooooongry-or am I just bored?

I find I have a hard time remembering what true hunger feels like and tend to eat whenever.  True hunger is felt in my stomach, that empty feeling.  It’s not mouth hunger or feeling it in the back of your throat (that’s probably thirst), it’s emptiness in my stomach.  It can be hard to remember so today I did an experiment to remind myself.  I ate 2 eggs, some tomatoes and half a sweet potato for breakfast and instead of eating my snack before lunchtime I’m waiting until I feel true hunger.  Not boredom or a craving because I remembered we have grapes, true hunger. If it feels right for you I encourage you to do this experiment of waiting […]

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