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The hottest knees in Nashville

Recently I was talking to an athlete friend of mine while she was stretching post workout and asked her what some of her current fitness goals are. She responded asking if I knew who Carrie Underwood is. “Uh, yes.” “I want her knees.” This is where I sat down on the floor next to her because I had to talk this one out. The convo went like this: me: so have you ever met Carrie Underwood? I mean, have you seen her in person? her: no me: oh, so you’ve only seen her photoshopped. her: oooohhh, yeah, I guess you’re right. me: and what exactly are we talking about as far as her knees go? her: well I have this […]

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I’m at my limit

If you’d asked me if I am working hard when I’m working out I would definitely say “yes.” And look at you like you’re a jerk face because I would say my efforts are all over my face. BUT after having recently started doing team fitness competitions I can tell you what I thought was my max was probably 80%. Really. 80%. Because when other people are depending on you, you don’t stop to catch your breath, you just keep going because you’re assuming you won’t pass out and it will just work out. You aren’t telling yourself it’s “too hard” because you committed to doing it and there is someone on another team somewhere else doing it right now, […]

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9 months sugar free.

Well, most sugars. In January 2014 I stopped eating added sugar and the only kind of sugar I eat is from fruit, sometimes some honey. I try and keep down the amount of honey because, though it has other benefits, it’s still sugar. I started my sugar free life with the 6 week nutrition challenge that I did but have kept this part going with the goal of doing it for a year. It wasn’t until I was 5 months in that I didn’t think about candy or soft serve every day. Month 5, people. That my friends is a serious sugar addiction. But what I realized is that I mostly craved/thought about sugar when one of two things were […]

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Paying your enemies if you don’t go to camp

Like everyone, there are days when you just don’t want to do the stuff you have to. Whether it’s cleaning your house, filing your taxes or getting your butt out of bed and into the car for camp. Luckily, I have some real life strategies to help keep you on track when you really don’t wanna. 1. Pay your enemies. So, I have employed this one myself in year’s past. Basically you choose an organization you are morally against and you make a deal with yourself that any day you don’t go to camp you’ll donate X amount to their cause. This works best if you REALLY can’t stand them because then the dollar amount doesn’t even matter-you’d definitely go […]

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Throw out your goals & get on board with the 1%

Ok, not really just kind of and not that 1%. What I’d like to suggest is instead of putting all your emphasis on your BIG HUGE GOAL (BHG) focus your daily energy on just improving a little. Over the years (ahem, I’m older then I look) I have had campers who come wanting to achieve some pretty big things-and they do-but sometimes they overlook the all the small wins that get them to the finish line because they’re too focused on that 1 BHG. Or worse they spend energy beating themselves up having not done more each day because their steps to achievement weren’t big enough. Stop.that.noise. BHGs take time to get to. They are almost never achieved in 1 […]

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5 Ways to Check your Inner Perfectionist

I am a type A lady and though I completely acknowledge perfection doesn’t exist -except in the form of my lovely wife (HOLLA! Valentines Day Points!!)-I am regularly surprised at how easy it is for me to slip into the mindset that perfection is real and even more crazy THAT IT MATTERS. I may have blown a few other type A personality’s minds with that one-hold on, more to come. There are benefits to believing in perfection-I mean, of course there have to be because otherwise why would I get in the trap of thinking that way. What I notice is that the benefits are really mostly serving outside sources and the drawbacks affect lil ol’ gold star wanting-A+ having-believinginthepermanentrecord […]

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How to avoid feeling 50 years older than you are.

I’ve been doing boot camp for a while now-about 7 years. And as much as I love boot camp, and as much as I am IN LOVE with all of my campers, it can get old on my body or more accurately it makes my body feel old, cranky & broken. Contributing to the issue is that in addition to my derriere being an unproportionately strong muscle I have a pretty big “suck it up” muscle too. It can be great, it can help me get a lot done. It can also turn me into a workhorse.¬†Acknowledging my workhorse tendencies, I recently made a promise to myself: I will do yoga at least once a week. I’ve had membership at […]

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No, not a misspelling, my resolutions have “a’s” because they have attitude. Well we’ve done it. We’ve come to the end of a year and started up another one and, if you’re like me, in addition to bringing out my more worn-in jeans (read: roomy waistline), you’ve also made some resalations. ¬†While thinkin’ on mine I realized that I am not setting myself up for success and it’s day 3, people. So it goes like this, the most immediate of my resalations starts January 13th: I want to participate in a “Bodacious Bod” competition AKCF is hosting. The biggest concern about completing the challenge is it’s somewhat strict nutrition element-strict compared to the amount of Sees Candies I have been […]

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