Dressing for Cold Weather Camps

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As you are preparing for camp tomorrow morning you may be wondering what to wear.    Here is a  great resource for deciding what to wear when working out: What Should I Wear Weather Calculator.     After the first days of cold weather, you usually are able to figure out what works for you.

1)      Layer up!  The “Cold Weather” Under Amour is fantastic.  Be careful not to buy the “Warm Weather’ Under Amour, which is most likely on sale right now!

2)      Gloves, Hat (toboggan), Scarf, Ear Warmers.

3)      Longer socks and long pants

Get used to checking the weather in the evening so you know how to dress each morning.

Dressing Instructions: this is usually for 30º and under.

1)      Under amour/or long ski underwear (top and long pants) Make sure the first layer can be tucked into your pants so that when you squat or jump your tummy does not get cold.

2)      Light weight t-shirt or workout shirt or turtleneck

3)      Ski fleece or Dri-fit Pull-over (shell)

4)      Fleece or outer jacket/windbreaker

5)      Gloves (waterproof are the best, you can find dri-fit/spandex that are waterproof at Dick’s)

6)      Hat (most body heat escapes from the head) Wool, Fleece or Cotton –washable is always preferred!

7)      Scarf or gator to keep the neck warm and keep cold air from coming in.

8)      Longer socks are great to keep the ankles warm and prevent drafts.

At any given time you have four top layers and two bottom layers. Remember you can always take layers off once you get hot and believe me you will get hot, but you cannot add layers once you are at the park!  We usually start and end in the same place, so you can shed clothes and leave them there to retrieve when we return.

Keeping warm is important, but staying hydrated in the winter is very important because the cold air evaporates the moisture in the lungs.  (This is what causes you to feel tightness in the chest after running outdoors.)  If you stay hydrated, you increase mucus production, which in turns washes away bacteria.  So stay hydrated and wash your hands to ward off winter colds and flus.

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