Lunch as of late

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I ate the same thing for lunch every day of high school: 1 pb & j, 2 Capri Suns, 1 green apple, 1 bag of chips and a single twix bar. Every day and I loved that shit. I am a repeat eater, if it’s good I’ll eat it for every meal and still look forward to it the next day. I would guess if my wife Melissa could change anything about me, this would be it. Melissa relishes a good meal, wants to try everything, and can eat a casserole for maybe 2 meals. So it is breaking news in our house when I’ve switched up my go-to so cue the “we interrupt this program” message because I have my new favorite lunch.

lunchThat’s a fuji apple, smoked turkey slices, every kind of mustard we have in the house (spicy brown, stone ground & hot with herbs de Provence), almond butter with raisins. nom. nom. nom. Earlier this week there was also some sweet potatoes on there but I ate them all. I think this plate could use some greens on there-the kale salad I love would be a good addition. Are you a repeater eater? What is your go to for when you don’t want to make anything?

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